Incubator / Business Accelerator

Kendell has operated a business accelerator since 1986. Our accelerator has a mission of supporting the creation, launch, growth  and long term success of all types of business enterprises.

Calypso Securtiy

Innovative behavioral biometric security engine.

Mall Media US, LLC

An innovative provider of free standing digital signage for malls. 

LiveView Network

An innovative technology that allows users to have a “personal broadcasting system.”

Doolittle Flight Labs

Doolittle Flight Labs is a interactive pilot training system based on AI and other neural programming.  Provides pilots with a post-flight review of all specific elements of the flight.  It tracks and predicts patterns of skills and deficiencies that need to be focused on in training.

Celeris Labs

Developing Resilience Training curriculum for families, police, military and other industries.